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SCRAP is a large and welcoming community, and our volunteers make up a huge portion of that wonderful world. SCRAP wouldn’t be what it is without our volunteers!

SCRAP volunteers are dedicated!

The following volunteers have given a lot of time to SCRAP! Check out how many hours these stellar volunteers have committed to our programs.

More than 400 hours:

  • Alain Bally
  • Jenn Alvin
  • Florence Fleskes
  • Suzanne Smith
  • Candace Winch

More than 300 hours:

  • Katie Ash
  • Endever Corbin
  • Marjorie Hirsch
  • Kelly Howsley Glover
  • Maxwell Benedetti
  • Jon Toorock

More than 200 hours:

  • Claudia Howell

More than 100 hours:

  • Ali Kestel
  • Sara Kuehlhorn
  • Ashton McCrate
  • Erin Schmith
  • Sophie Zinda
  • Lynne Fowler
  • Janet Hummel
  • Emma Craig
  • Suzanne and Marlene Mackzum
  • Mami Takahashi

More than 50 hours:

  • Kat Meow Garcia
  • Meg Green
  • Hailey Shoemaker
  • Molly Streuli


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