SCRAP on the road: Eugene’s MECCA

SCRAP on the road: Eugene’s MECCA

I recently visited Eugene and made a point to stop at MECCA, which I had heard lots about but hadn’t had the pleasure of visiting yet. MECCA is a creative reuse center, much like SCRAP, located near the Amtrak station close to the U of O.

Upon entering MECCA, I felt immediately transported to SCRAP’s old location on N. Williams with the bright array of items available that were stacked to the ceiling. MECCA’s store is organized much in the same way as SCRAP, with sections for craft materials, paper, fine art supplies, plastic, and fabric.

Materials    Jars

Creative reuse art covers every available wall and surface at MECCA. Some of my favorite pieces include the giant Lego man and outmoded sound technology art. My absolute favorite was a collage made of cut up license plates arranged to resemble the globe and inspire reuse.

Lego Man    Record art Wacky art    License plates

The outside of MECCA is just as visually inspiring as the inside of the store with its two large bath tub planters and weatherproof metal flowers made from found objects.

Bath tub planters    Outside art

Some of the offerings at MECCA that are different from SCRAP include a studio space where high schoolers from the nearby charter school take weekly art classes and a Conrad etching press that people can use to learn different printmaking techniques, like woodcut, linoleum cut, and screen printing. They also have a small room off the entrance that is full of reused materials from many of the same sources that SCRAP gets its materials, like teachers, families, businesses, and community groups. Any Lane County educator can make an appointment to stop by MECCA and can help themselves to as many materials as they need for their classroom. In return, they must weigh the materials they take and record it so MECCA can document how they are helping the community.

Teacher's space

For more information about MECCA, visit their website.

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