How to make a slide carousel holiday wreath

How to make a slide carousel holiday wreath

A common question here at SCRAP is how to repurpose an old slide carousel. New technology has made these items obsolete, so now they are piling up faster than most people can find new uses for them. One popular idea that I came up with last year was the hipster chia pet, which definitely helped give some neglected slide carousels a purpose in life. My mother-in-law, Jan Brown, was brainstorming ideas of what we could do with a slide carousel because someone had recently donated about 60 of them to my classroom at Whitman. She suggested it would make a good base for a wreath, so we decided to put her idea to the test. This project required approximately 45 minutes of our time and $2.50 in materials from SCRAP.

Here is what you need: a slide carousel, plastic bags and packaging material (such as bubble wrap or foam) or polyester batting, fabric scraps (we used green to mimic a pine wreath), embellishments such as felt or buttons, wire if you intend to hang your wreath, adhesive for attaching embellishments, a permanent marker, and scissors.

Supplies    Cutting plastic

First we laid our carousel on a sheet of bubble wrap and traced and cut out a donut shape. We figured if we just wrapped the slide carousel in the fabric scraps, the shape would be too severe, so we developed this plan to soften the edges and disguise its origins.

Wrapping carousel    Wrapped with plastic

To affix the bubble wrap donut to the slide carousel, we settled on using plastic bags to add loft to the structure. You could also use a dry cleaner bag or strips of batting, but we were trying to only use items that would otherwise become trash. In order to create a long strip of plastic, I cut slits at both ends of the bag, and then looped them together in a half-hitch. This allowed us to add bags a few at a time as we wrapped around the carousel.

Ripping fabric    Wrapping with fabric

Once we had evenly wrapped the wreath base with plastic, then we began to cover it with green cotton fabric scraps that we pulled from SCRAP’s quilting scraps barrel at the front of the store. We snipped along the edge of the yardage and ripped the strips with gleeful abandon. We chained the strips end-to-end in the same way we did the plastic bags, to create long strips that we could wrap around the carousel. As we wrapped the fabric, we made sure to overlap it a little bit in order to cover up the plastic beneath.

Folding fabric    Wrapped with fabric

Once we finished wrapping the wreath base, Jan decided our wreath would have a cleaner look if we folded under the torn edges of the fabric. If you’re looking for a more home spun vibe, you can leave the torn edges showing. The photo above shows the left half of the wreath with the strips folded under and the right half with the raw edges showing.

Cutting leaves    Buttons

Next we prepared our embellishments, including felt leaves and red buttons for berries.

Hot gluing    Votive holder

Jan laid the embellishments on the wreath in order to get a sense of the finished product. Once we were satisfied with the layout, I used hot glue to hold them in place. You can use your repurposed slide carousel as a centerpiece by placing a candle in the center, or if you add some wire and beads we did, you can display it on your door (pictured above). Try different color combinations to achieve various looks—like white fabric with red ribbon or bias tape to invoke peppermint candy. Using fall colors could also make this a great project for your Thanksgiving dinner table.

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  • 1.Using the same methods..I see a pumpkin!

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