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Items We Don’t Accept

We are accepting donationsat our new location at 1736 SW Alder St 11am - 6pm every day except Monday.

Some things are just not meant for SCRAP. Please find creative ways to reuse or recycle these items yourself at home or donate them to another reuse organization. See our referral section below for a list of places you can take some of these materials.

SCRAP can never accept the following materials:

  • Spray paint
  • Clothing, sheets and curtains of any kind—not even as fabric
  • Small pieces of fabric (less than 1/4 yd)
  • Posters (unless they are fine art prints)
  • Books (unless they are art- or craft-related)
  • Household goods, appliances, furniture
  • Knick-knacks—figurines, ornaments, flower pots
  • Computers, printers, ink cartridges, software, coated wire
  • Food containers—yogurt tubs, Tupperware, or large jars
  • Plastic pieces larger than 8"x8”
  • Packing peanuts and block Styrofoam
  • Toilet paper or paper towel rolls, egg cartons
  • Baskets
  • Broken glass, dishware, ceramics
  • VHS tapes
  • Sheet glass with no frame
  • Toys, complete games and puzzles
  • Science, news, or other text-heavy magazines
  • White or beige tile
  • Plastic utensils
  • Twist ties

Where you can take some of these materials:

Contact the relevant organization or consult their website before dropping off your materials.


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