How To Donate

Donation Policies

SCRAP collects clean and reusable art, craft, and office supplies. Please follow these steps when making a donation to SCRAP:

  1. Make sure we accept what you have. Check out the lists of: ITEMS WE ACCEPT and ITEMS WE DON’T ACCEPT.
  2. Bring your materials during our donation hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 11 am to 6 pm. WE DO NOT ACCEPT DONATIONS ON MONDAYS.
  3. Make an appointment if you have more than 4 banker boxes. Give us a call 24 hours in advance so we will be ready for you: 503-294-0769 x1.
  4. Organize your donation in a box or bag you will leave with us. We sort through every donation to make sure we accept everything in it and we reserve the right to reject any donations. The more organized your donation is, the faster we will be able to get you in and out.
  5. We will give you a tax receipt and that good feeling that comes with supporting your local creative reuse nonprofit!

Are you a business? We have a pick-up program that you may be interested in—learn more about Fill Minds Not Landfills, our business donation program.

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